Ageing, Gender and Illness in Anglophone Literature - Heike Hartung

This study by Heike Hartung establishes age as a category of literary history, delineating age in its interaction with gender and narrative genre. Reading the Bildungsroman as a 'coming of age' novel, the book brings together perspectives of age and disability study to provide new insights into literary and genre history, visiting canonical authors such as Goethe, Burney, Edgeworth, Austen, Dickens, Eliot, Beckett, and Franzen and exploring the new genre of "dementia narrative." This book introduces a new theoretical approach to cultural age studies and offers an analysis of the connection between narratology, literary theory, gender, and age studies.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Fellowship Program in Gender Studies (Uni. of Graz)

PROJECT: Gender and age/aging in the context of popular culture, in particular music

Madrid MASCAGE Conference (Nov 2019)

The Spanish MASCAGE team hosted a conference on 29th-30th November at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid .

Dr. Ronald L. Jackson II's talk at University of Graz

Watch Ronald L. Jackson II's talk at the University of Graz, titled: "Consume, Commodify, Repeat: Patterns of Scripting Black Masculine Bodies in Popular Culture."

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Call for Papers: Conference "No Country for Old Men? Ageing Masculinities in Irish Life & Culture" (NUI Galway, June 3-4, 2020)

Tony Tracy and Michaela Schrage-Früh are organizing a conference on ageing masculinities in Irish life & culture.