Mascage spring seminar next week APRIL 15

The next MASCAGE spring seminar hosted by our Swedish team takes place next week April 15th 1-3 p(GMT+1). This seminar is hosted in collaboration with the Critical studies of men and masculinities research group at Örebro University, Sweden. 

The seminar holds the following presentations:


“The road taken: Aging man’s final journey representations in contemporary Israeli literature” 

Danielle Gurevitch, Bar-Ilan University, Israel 


“Reading/Being Ove: cultural representations of ageing masculinity and older men’s readings of A Man 

Called Ove (Backman, 2012)” 

Karin Lövgren, University of Gävle, Linn Sandberg, Södertörn University, Jeff Hearn, Örebro 



“The (Hopeful) Potential of Old Age and Caring Masculinity in Estonian Films 'A Friend of Mine' (2011) and 'Tangerines' (2013)”

Teet Teinemaa, Tallinn University 


Registration is needed to participate (you will get an individual zoom-link upon registration). If you have already registered the link you received earlier should work also for this session but do check in advance and if not re-register.

To register follow the link below:

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