Conversation with Josep M. Armengol: Aging Masculinities in Contemporary U.S. Fiction

Josep M. Armengol took part in the 2nd Conversatorio del Observatorio de las Masculinidades held by Universidad Miguel Hernández (Elche, Spain), where he presented the new volume "Aging Masculinities in Contemporary U. S. Fiction" and debated aging masculinities. You can access the video (in Spanish) here.

Cuadernos de El Diario #34: La revolución de los viejos

You can access here a special number on old age edited by the Spanish newspaper El Diario. It includes articles on realtionships, society, medicine, death, love and much more. We hope you enjoy it!

Josep M. Armengol talk on old age and Covid-19 pandemic

Last week, Josep M. Armengol talked with the Laboratorio filosófico sobre la pandemia y el antropoceno and shared some reflections on the covid-19 pandemic and its relationship and effects on the social and cultural role of old people. You can watch his invervention (in Spanish) here.

Video: Aging in Marginalized Communities (UCTV)

You can now access this YouTube video offered by the University of California Television (UCTV) on Aging in Marginalized Communities.

In the video, María Marquine, PhD shares research on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adults age 50+, noting the differential impact by race/ethnicity in the US. Lauren Brown, PhD discusses the unique stress experience of black older adults. Recorded on 10/22/2021. 

00:00 - Start

00:15 - Introduction - Lisa Eyler

03:40 - Healthy Aging in Marginalized Communities - María Marquine

24:07 - Measuring More Than Exposure: Does Appraisal Matter for Black-White Differences in Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Among Older Adults? - Lauren Brown

47:13 - Q&A

Men in Movement, V | Masculinities and Feasible Futures

Josep M. Armengol and Roberta Maierhofer took part in the international conference Men in Movement (Masculinities and Feasible Futures) held in Barcelona last week. You can see their interventions and more here.

Mascage Spring Seminar Series

We just uploaded the recordings of the three online seminars held by MASCAGE in Spring. You can watch them below. We hope you enjoy them!

Seminar 1

Seminar 2 Part 1 Part 2

Seminar 3

Call for Papers: Age and Gender in Popular Culture

Our team at the University of Graz are publishing an edited volume following their symposium in June on Age and Gender in Popular Culture.
Since the reality of our lives is shaped by processes of globalization and digitization, whereby social spaces are culturally diverse and digitally networked, the question arises as to whether digital technologies enable or impede (inter)cultural exchange and global communication with regard to the perception of age(s) and gender in the context of popular culture. This edidet volume will pay particular attention to cultural and media consumption, such as music and film, as well as cultural representations in contemporary American and European literary works. In this context, gender- specific experiences of men and women and their attitudes towards ageing in relation to media and music consumption will be compared to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary and changing representations of age and ageing in order to integrate age(s) into the human image.

Topics to be addressed include but are not limited to:
• Cultural representation of gender and age/aging in popular music
• Cultural representation of gender and age/aging in contemporary American and European film and literature
• Gender-specific experience and attitudes towards age/ageing in relation to music and media consumption
• Contemporary and changing representation of age/aging as well as of gender in popular culture
• Experience of digital transformation in different life stages and age phases

Abstracts of 300 words for chapter proposals should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 15 October, 2021. Please, include a short biography of 100 words or less. We ask for your finished chapters of 6.000 to 6.500 words including references by 1 February, 2022. The publication forms part of the Elisabeth-List-Fellowship Program for Gender Studies at the University of Graz. It will be published by transcript, Bielefeld, in the Aging Studies Series and will go through a double-blind peer-review.